Born in Iran A portrait on pre-judgements

Born in Iran

Banafcheh was born in Iran. She migrated to France in 1980 living in Paris and Angers before coming to Canada and setting down in Montreal. She graduated from the Universite de Montreal, Medical School in 1997 in family medicine. She currently teaches at McGill medical University, and practices in her own clinic as a family doctor. She studied script writing under the supervision of Elizabeth Johnston in Concordia University and David Sherman, the ‘Association of Québec writers’. Her studies in script writing in combination with her real life experience as a Doctor help her to produce, co - direct and script write for short stories such as Born in Iran and An Indian tale. She also participated in a documentary called A place for me. She is currently working on feature film in collaboration with Jeanne Pope: Café Byblos. She lives in Montréal/Canada with her husband and son.

Born in Iran

Jeanne was born in London, UK where she was adopted by Lithuanian/French parents who instilled the love of travel, diversity and adventure into her soul. A self-taught artist, she published many short stories inspired by her world travels and worked on various film projects before arriving in Montreal in 2000. She gained her training late in life, at the Mel Hoppeinheim School of Cinema where she completed a body of award winning work on the Boulevard St. Laurent. To be released by late spring is her first feature documentary, Dust, A Sculptor’s Journey, on the eccentric Montreal sculptor, Stanley Lewis. Chez Lise, a Montreal pension where 75 of the residents have severe mental health problems is a second doc feature (in progress.) She co-directed Born in Iran with Banafcheh, a long time friend. Both are currently working on Café Byblos. (Jeanne has a love for Iran having lived and married there in the 90’s) She moves between Europe and Montreal and has one daughter

Ryan Productions

Ryan Productions was founded in 2011 by Banafcheh Hejzai and Mehrdad Nikirad to create short and long featured movies. Born In Iran is the first work of the company. Ryan Productions has a couple of other projects under review for production, most notably Café Byblos which is long feature movie.

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